Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Earthing the current.

Earthing the Current.

I've been on an awfully big adventure!
The real problem with long trips and big adventures is coming home!
Now don't get me wrong with that statement, it's not that I don't like coming home, because I do, and I always look forward to the warm familiarity of family, friends, my own bed, my real life, even a little bit of routine; and I'm not the biggest fan of routine at the best of times! But it's oddly reassuring and it gets my feet back on the ground. And aside from all that I like to see my Son, and my Mum & Dad.
Most people, it seems to me, suffer from a touch of the "holiday blues"; I hear it all the time. Guy's I work with go away for their annual fortnight in the sun and then come back to work, regale us with their tales of lying around the pool, relaxing, getting sun burnt, drinking beer, and generally letting off a little steam, before they start to mope around for a few days and come out with the age-old statement "I hate this country, I wish I was still in "... (add destination of choice)..." and the timeless classic "I need another holiday, to get over that holiday!".
After longer trips, and especially those involving a challenge like the Yak Attack, the physical and psychological dynamic is slightly different.
The problem, as the title suggests, is earthing the current. Let me try and explain.