Thursday, September 12, 2019

We are moving.

Chase The Rainbow has a new home.
We have now moved everything over to a slick and fancy Wordpress platform (It's been a long time coming) and you can now find us here:

We hope you like the new look website and continue to visit for travel and adventure inspiration, honest reviews, videos, and to follow our adventures around the world.

We love having you around.
Thank you from all of us here at Chase The Rainbow 💗

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Alpkit Squalline Jacket - first test/review.

Here's one I did earlier. 
It was my first look at the competitively priced Squalline Jacket from Alpkit.

It's been designed as stash-in-your pocket go-to waterproof/windshell for fast paced activities like trail running and mountainbiking. I like it, it's ideal for those days were the weather can be a bit mixed but there's no need for full-fat waterproof like the Gravitas Jacket.
At £49.00 it's well worth a look.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

A day out cycling and packrafting.

Neil's latest "badly edited video" Blockbuster.

Follow him around as he cycles from home to the River Trent, then paddles around for a while, before cycling home again.
It's gripping stuff 😝

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Long Way Home.

Recently I headed over to The Isle of Man to take part in the, very brutal, Manx100 mountainbike race. It had been an eleventh-hour decision to go. At the same time I made another rather rash decision - I was going to cycle home too. The Manx100 didn't quite go to plan (that's another long story: see here) so when the sun shone on the morning of my departure back to the mainland I was emboldened and was looking forward to a few days of very pleasant cycling through England’s finest green and pleasant lands.

I planned to cut across country from Morecambe to Settle on The Way of the Roses and then pick up The Pennine Bridleway (PBW) from there all the way back home to Derbyshire. It was a basic plan with some wiggle room for any potential disasters along the way - which turned out to be a fortuitous plan, as it happened, because I didn't have a map or actually know the way.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Not the Manx 100 - again.

Last year a group of us set out to take on The Manx 100 on The Isle of Man. Unfortunately our ferry crossing was cancelled and we never made it.
This year we did actually get to the island, which was at least a step further, but our progress beyond that wasn't exactly a shining success.
At the eleventh-hour, barely a week before the race, I decided to join the lads - Mitch Bryan, Paul Moore, Johnny Smith, and Pascal "Fluffy" Lally -  for a go at this years edition.
The Manx 100 is probably the hardest 1-day race in the UK.
Sensibly I decided to enter the 100km version rather than the 100 miler; I wasn't suitably trained to tackle the long course. Sensible is not something that I do very often, it was very out of character.