Sunday, March 8, 2015

I think it's time for another adventure! Yo-Yoing back to Nepal.

This week I am off on my travels again! :)
I'm heading out to Nepal for a couple of different adventures; two weeks of Mountainbiking, followed by three weeks of high-altitude trekking.
As you might imagine, I am looking forward to it.
This time around I will be travelling with friends again. Mitch Bryan is coming out for the first part of the trip which will see us out in Eastern Nepal, around Ilam & Kanchenjunga, recce'ing new routes for an upstart tour company called ThamBikes.
After that I am meeting up with Wilco Voulon for the trekking part.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tour Divide; a few developments so far.

It's a long road towards cycling down a long road!

Where do I start?
There are so may things to consider when taking on a challenge like The Tour Divide. It's a veritable minefield of questions, answers, and more questions. I've had eureka moments, and a lot of total-confusion-moments!

Bike set-up, luggage set-up, sleeping set-up, food & water storage, clothing, technology, suitable training routes; the list seems to be endless right now. I'm going through the rollercoaster that all previous Divide racers have been through before me.
Some of my answers have come through trial and error, some from personal experience, some from reading about other peoples experiences, in books and on the internet. I still have a lot of riddles to solve, but it's a fun way to pass the dark winter nights (mostly) :)

Let's start with the bike, it is, after all, the one piece of equipment that will be with me throughout the entire race.
Get ready to geek-out!