Saturday, February 6, 2016

The sticky side of Travel v's Politics v's Reality.

At the behest of a good friend I'm off to visit Israel soon for a few days. For the simple pleasure of riding my bicycle, in good company, in a spectacular environment.
When I posted this revelation on Facebook I was chastised by another friend for embracing a regime that oppresses some of its citizens. I hope I'm not embracing or condoning any government simply by visiting a country. If I chose all of my travel destinations based purely on politics I would have nowhere to go. In fact I would need to go and live in isolation on a desert island.
My friend has every right of course to air his grievances and I respect him for it. As an individual I also like and respect him very much.
Other friends have been aghast that I'm considering venturing in to what they believe to be a war zone. It isn't a war zone and it is just a safe/dangerous as anywhere else in the world.