Bio's: The Gang.

Matt Haynes - Web Wizard

Matt Haynes, birth date unknown, possibly older than Wolverine but difficult to tell due to his amazing ability to act like a child. No fixed abode.

Matt is our glorious web wizard and fixer of all things technical; Neil is particularly fine with moving parts but completely inept at web stuff, hence the recruitment of Matt on a free transfer from Jobseekers Anonymous.

Matt has many attributes, in particular his ability to transform from follically challenged baldy to lush haired goddess at the merest hint of fancy dress shop. And all done with a swoosh of dandy panache I might add!
True facts: Matt holds a fully functioning pilots license, has a PADI Open Water Divers Certificate and appeared on television at the opening of the Tamworth Snowdome during his brief but unsuccessful snowboarding career.
He is a particularly accomplished Ballroom Dancer and has finished strongly in a number of national competitions with his partner Charlotte; and regularly used to teach Salsa.
During his many spells as an adventure enthusiast Matt has enjoyed Wake Boarding, Windsurfing, Surfing, Skateboarding and many others. He currently enjoys Slacklining in Neil's back garden. Although, I hasten to add, he prefers the lady-garden if truth be told.
Matt has travelled widely with several trips to Australia and amongst others Singapore, The USA including Hawaii and a couple of long weekends in Las Vegas! He once rang Neil on a random Thursday evening to see if he was free for the weekend because he fancied going to Vegas, Neil unfortunately couldn't make it so Matt went anyway. That's a proper traveller.
Matt enjoys the odd pint of Guinness or two; but like everyone who has visited Dublin he swears the English stuff is just not as good.
He has a fanciful penchant for the younger ladies and once owned an Audi A4.

David Slater 

David Slater, originally from Belper, Derbyshire, now lives in Selston, Nottinghamshire with his long suffering girlfriend Lyndsey (and she really does suffer, the poor girl!) and his beautiful baby daughter Katelyn.
Dave worked for many years at the Thorntons Chocolates factory but branched on his own and re-trained as a Plumber a few years ago.
David's outdoor credentials extend from Carp Fishing, Kite Boarding, Mountain Boarding, Climbing & Bouldering, Hiking and Camping to forays into Surfing and Snowboarding amongst others. He has travelled to France, Spain, and as far South Africa in pursuit of large Carp and Catfish.
He has a pretend friend called Tilly, a peculiar fondness for farm animals and an unhealthy obsession with online gaming.
Dave took to the skies in Germany a few years ago to enjoy a tandem Skydive, a trait which was passed on from his Dad, Steve, a veteran of over 3000 solo jumps!
He has bucket loads of determination and when he sets his sights on something he usually achieves it (which proved to be very useful out in Nepal); although he does enjoy the occasional lay-in. Zzzzzzzz.
Dave has a decidedly dodgy set of knee's, one of which likes to 'pop out' from time to time leaving him looking like a modern day Long John Silver, (definitely not a Jack Sparrow!).

Wilco Voulon

Wilco Voulon, born November 1968 (the year that Jan Janssen is the First Dutchman to win the Tour de France and Anton Geesink is the first non-born Japanese to win Olympic Judo gold) lives with Sylvia his beautiful girlfriend (must be blind and have a very good sense of humour), and daughters Ruby & Gwyn in Zwolle, Netherlands.
He is the owner of Stichting Empower and works with autistic children, helping them to develop confidence and life skills through sport and recreation. 

Wilco has a strong military back ground with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps (RNLMC) among others. During this period he got Arctic warfare training in Norway for several months, mountain training in Germany and Scotland and parachute training. He went on several missions in countries like Cambodia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
He is a sport fanatic; Fitness, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Football, Sailing, Windsurfing & Boating. One of his great passions is Carp Fishing and that’s the way he met Neil in France.
Furthermore he likes to do social things with his family, friends and Old English Bulldog “Buddy”. Ruby is Dutch hip-hop dance champion and Gwyn is dancing also very well; next to being a proper hooligan.
 Together with Sylvia, he lives the good life and occasionally they visit a good rave festival like Dance Valley or Extrema Outdoor together with their friends because they have a strong group of friends who mean a lot to each other.
 Like Neil, Wilco has itchy feet too and they have taken him to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Malta, Greece, Gibraltar, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Kuwait, but always safe and sound back to his home town of Zwolle.
 Wilco had a very long “things to do list” and during the years he could strike a lot of things off except singing a Barry White song on the Himalaya with Neil Cottam. This has now been rectified.

Let the music play...

Mitch Bryan.

A beautiful person masked by an ugly exterior with a face only a mother could love, and she'd have to be short sighted. Could easily score a role as The Mekon if there is ever a movie of Dan Dare.
Mitch is another of Neil's oldest friends and is his regular riding partner for Mountain Bike adventures.
He lives in Belper, Derbyshire, with his long-term partner Denise, and their two children, Archie & Katie.
He is the most competitive person on earth and would race his Granny to the grave for a chance of glory. He has finished high up the rankings twice at The Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race; a brutal affair.
He accompanied Neil on a recent trip to Nepal to discover new trails. 
He has the unfortunate quirk of passing out at the sight of his own blood; not the most useful of traits for an adventure sports enthusiast!
Mitch is currently crafting his own mobile "Love Machine" from a Volkswagen T5.