Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: Rab MeCo Base Layers

RAB MeCo Base Layers

Rab MeCo 120 Tee in use during the 2013 Yak Attack in Nepal.
MeCo is Rab's incarnation of the now ultra-popular Merino Wool used in active base layers. Merino products are generally hard wearing and in particular have fantastic odour resistant properties; meaning that they can be worn for extended periods between washing, if necessary, without becoming unpleasantly smelly.

RAB says:

New MeCo fabric is an intimate blend of 65% ethically sourced Australian Merino wool combined with 35% recycled polyester with Cocona® activated carbon technology.

Cocona® fabric is made using natural technology. Activated carbon is derived from discarded coconut shells and other natural micro porous particles. These particles are contaned within the fibre and can not wear out or wash off. Cocona is extremely breathable and accelerates evaporation - making them ideal for use in baselayers.

Cocona® absorbs a wide range of odour molecules within the activated carbon and aids the natural anti bacterial properties of Merino wool. The major benefit of MeCo blended fabrics is the vastly reduced drying time for these fabrics, this makes them excellent for use as a year round base layer and also saves washing and drying time.