Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Time to Burn!

Nepal and The Yak Attack 2014

The Yak Attack Circus comes to town!
It's raining today in Kathmandu!
That's only the fourth time in the two months since I arrived here, so I can't really compain!
My source of all things Nepali, Jenny Caunt from Himalayan Singletrack, tells me that after today the Nepali Summer arrives.
Apparently it rains for three days towards the end of February (which it did) and then once more on Shivaratri, the day that Hindu's celebrate Lord Shiva. She was pretty much spot on with her prediction, except that it's two days late; Lord Shiva's "Birthday" was on Thursday. (Today is Saturday, but hey, who's counting!)
And tomorrow brings's the registration for The NorthFace Yak Attack 2014. The sun will surely shine on us for that :)