Monday, October 24, 2011

UK Bikers sign here! E-petition for increased access.

I saw this on someones Facebook page and nicked it because I like it! :)

This has been highlighted in this months Mountain Bike Rider Magazine and I think it's worth signing! A guy called Rob Sutherland created it and it requires 100,000 signatures for it to be debated in parliament, so please get signing! :) I reckon there are enough mountain bikers in the UK to make this possible.
Click on the link below to go straight to it.

Increased Access for Mountain Bikes

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Designating mountain bikes in the same category as horses is wrong and provides a barrier to the lawful pursuit of a healthy past-time. In many parts of the country there simply is not a legal network of trails open to cyclists, or too little to be meaningful. Cyclists should be allowed to use the footpath network to pursue the sport of mountain biking, this would help to promote activity amongst young people, especially as the roads become increasingly congested. Shared use of all paths and trails has been successful in Scotland and could be throughout the rest of the UK. It will spread the density of mountain bikers further reducing the potential for trail conflict and the (disputed) erosive impact of bikes on the trail surfaces. There are no costs involved (we don't need special gates or access) this is just a re designation exercise to make a bicycle an extension of a pedestrian on the footpath network (with the exception of roadside footways).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lots of photo's on Facebook!

Hi Everyone
I have uploaded a selection of photo's from our South East Asia trip on to the CTR page on Facebook, feel free to check them out and don't forget to "Like" the page if you... err... like it! :D Plus lots of other images on there from our other nonsense!
Click here for the images!
I've added a few on to the end of this post to give you a little taster :)
Lot's of regular updates on what we are up to on there too.

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Pantai Tengah, Langkawi, Malaysia.
Danny & me posing with the smoking volcano that we weren't allowed to go up!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Return of the Langkawi Beach Bums.

Hi folks.
You'll be pleased to know that Danny and I have arrived home unscathed from our South East Asia trip; and with a few escapades under our belt and a few stories to tell too :) I'll try and blog something later this week when I recover from the jet-lag. Door to door it's taken us 26 hours to get home from Langkawi Island, Malaysia and we are knackered! Plenty of cool photo's to share with you all if nothing else.

I also forgot to mention, before we went away, that I have now posted an introductory blog-post to the OceanRidge website. Please feel free to check it out here
Thanks to Chris and Euan for the opportunity to spread the word.

On the good news front Dan Thompson has confirmed his offer to supply us with Rab Jackets and Sleeping bags for the Himalaya Quest which will save us a lot of money each and means we can concentrate on other stuff. Thanks Dan :)

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