Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Darren Holloway Young Athlete Fund.

Update - New page added.

Please take a look at the new page using the tab at the top of the screen or the link below.

We are sponsoring a young up and coming Nepali mountain biker for this years 2013 North Face Yak Attack in loving memory of Darren Holloway.
There are options for both individuals and businesses to pledge support should they wish.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket

Proof that Rab clothing performs in the toughest environments!

Rab Neutrino Endurance Down Jacket.

RAB says: 
The Neutrino Endurance is a lightweight, fully featured and very warm down jacket designed primarily for climbing and mountain use.
The Neutrino Endurance has become the benchmark down jacket for modern mountaineering and lightweight ascents. The Pertex®Endurance outer provides durable protection against storm and spindrift while retaining minimal weight and packsize. High lofting is provided by the 225g of 800 fill (L) pure European goose down.
The Neutrino Endurance is one of those jackets that just does everything you need it to - a firm favourite amongst all our sponsored athletes and an ideal piece for UK and Alpine winter conditions. Just as much at home on a hill walk in the Peak District as it is on a Himalayan Peak. Often found at winter fell race finish lines or on your 'spotter' when going for the crux on a new boulder problem.

Neil says:
For our trip to The Himalaya we were looking for performance clothing suitable for high altitude Winter trekking. Having used a number of Rab items over the years I was fully aware of the capability of their kit. In addition to that Rab are a local manufacturer and, like most people, if I can support local businesses then I will.
Rab are very well known in the outdoor community as a high-end producer of performance clothing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chasing Rainbows. Yak Attack - A Himalaya Epic.

I was approached recently by one of my Twitter contacts and asked if I would be interested in writing a piece on The Yak Attack for their adventure blog. Dogtag are an adventure insurance company who specialise in providing cover for unusual trips (as well as excellent packages for normal folk too!). I was delighted to, anything to inspire people, and also to help promote the race itself, and it's deserved efforts on behalf of Nepali riders. If I can inspire someone to visit and enjoy Nepal then all the better.
This is the original piece that I wrote in it's entirety. I had to separate it in to two shorter pieces and edit it down slightly for them to use it on the blog. They have some really cool stuff on there and it's well worth checking out. I know that many of you have read some of my Nepali pieces already but I hope you enjoy this one too. I haven't included any images because there are plenty to view on the Images of Nepal tab.

Chasing Rainbows. Yak Attack - A Himalaya Epic.

What is Yak Attack? Well it certainly isn't what you might be thinking; Himalaya Yak's are genial, docile, creatures that don’t really deserve to be attacked and nor are they likely to attack you
Yak Attack is the highest altitude mountain bike stage race in The World. And to be honest with you it’s a little nuts.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Back on the Horse.

Off the horse; two flat tyres at Antur Stiniog Downhill park in Wales.

A few weeks before Christmas I was out and about enjoying a training run, and I do actually enjoy them, when I came a bit of a cropper! Firstly whilst running through the woods in the dark, with a head-torch to guide me, I stubbed my toe on a lump of rock on the trail and made like Superman, flying full length down the hill on to my face! I grumbled and swore, dusted myself off, and quickly had a look around to make sure no one saw me, obviously; before carrying on down the path. A very short distance later, and still cursing my throbbing toe, I turned heavily on my ankle in a rut in the path. It was so hard an impact that I not only felt it crunch under my weight but even heard it. Ouch. I was buggered. I had to hobble/jog the three miles back home before I could get a bag of frozen sweetcorn on it to try and reduce the swelling. One of my highly amusing friends, who really should be a comedian, suggested that frozen peas are far more effective and that's where I went wrong. Thanks for that sage piece of wisdom Phil, I'll try it next time.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Triumph & Tragedy in a Year of Adventure.

Firstly I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, family, friends, and readers alike; and say Thank You for your support over the last year.
Secondly I want to apologise for my lack of activity on here over the last few months, I'm going to put that right over the next few weeks with a number of work-in-progress blog posts.
I've had a fantastic year of travel and adventuring but it has been tinged with sadness recently, hence my lack of activity; to a certain extent. 
Our trip to Nepal was the pinnacle of a great year. Trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking, in the greatest mountain range on Earth is pretty hard to beat, and an experience I will treasure forever. The company of my great friends Dave Slater & Wilco Voulon made it all the more special, along with the new friendships forged along the way. I've also visited Wilco in The Netherlands a couple of times since our return and I enjoyed Amsterdam and his home town of Zwolle a great deal. Trips to Scotland, The Lake District, and Wales, have made for some great memories; along with regular sorties in to my local Peak District National Park with friends.