Friday, March 1, 2013

Once more unto the breach... Yak Attack 2013.

I arrived safe and sound in the chaos of Kathmandu late on Monday afternoon. It is as much fun as I remember it, and I feel at home here. The place excites me and I have been thrilled at the reception I received from my Yak Attack friends. All smiles, hugs, handshakes, and copious amounts of sweet milky tea.
It has an atmosphere like nowhere else I have visited, I love it here.
My transfer, by train, from Derbyshire to Heathrow Airport-London was simple enough and I duly met up with fellow Yak Attacker Steve Edwards from Wales (It's not his fault! Hahaha) near the check-in desk
Etihad Airways had decided to embark upon a systems upgrade over the course of the weekend, (Of all the possible weekends in the year to do this they chose this one!) and there was an almighty queue! We joined it and patiently waited our turn. We had a few conversations with other travellers curious about our huge bike bags and interested in what we were about to do. After a short while a very polite young Etihad employee pulled us from the queue and took us over to the business class check-in, I guess to speed up the process a little and to get our huge bags out of the way. Of course you can't help but wonder if an upgrade is on the cards?... it wasn't! :D We were then escorted with our bags through to a different area; "curiouser and curiouser thought Alice".