Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yak Attack: The Essentials.

Yak Attack. What it's all about! (Image courtesy of Jeremy Dean)

With the experience of two Yak Attacks under my belt I thought that I would share some tips and advice with anyone who is registered, considering it, or just plain interested. It is all based upon my own meandering experience of the event and of my time spent in mountains, and at altitude, and in particular The Himalaya.

Initially I intended to discuss the problems and solutions to the limited kit allowance and how best to solve some of these issues without taking unnecessary risks; but with the announcement of an increase in the portered luggage allowance to 20kg, from 2014 onwards, some of these problems solved themselves.

There should now be no excuse for riders to take risks with kit choice.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Double Trouble!

Team Autisme Sportief - Neil, Hylke, Serdar, Wilco, and Tjiel.

I went for a run the other day.
Now under normal circumstances there would be nothing unusual in that statement, however it was an unusual day.
First of all said run took place in Zwolle in The Netherlands. And secondly it was a road marathon.
Not only that but it was my second road marathon in eight days. And considering the fact that I have never really been particularly interested in running a road marathon then running two on consecutive Sundays was a very unusual occurrence. And it all came about by accident (kind of).
Earlier in the year Wilco Voulon had expressed an interest in taking part in The (Nottingham) Robin Hood Marathon. Eventually though he changed his mind due to the fact that his local (Zwolle) marathon was to take place the week after and, obviously, he wanted to do that one instead. So with the seed planted in my mind I decided to do it (Nottingham) anyway.

I then thought "What the hell!" and entered the Zwolle Marathon too! There was some method in my madness; I had also entered my first Ultra-Marathon (The Ennerdale Trail Run 50km), and I figured that I could use both of these events as training blocks towards towards that, plus they'll all go in the bank towards my training for next years Yak Attack. In addition to that, the Zwolle Marathon was taking place on Sunday October 6th and would coincide with the day my cousin Darren had died last year. I wanted to mark the event personally and running with my friend Wilco would give me the support that I might need to complete it. (Darren actually passed away on Sunday October 7th 2012, but it was near enough for me).
The Ennerdale Trail Run takes place on October 20th and if I complete it it will mean that I have run two road marathons and a trail-ultra in 22 days. Idiot.