Monday, January 5, 2015

Yak Attack TV!

Check out the full edit of Yak Attack's "Rumble in the Jungle" in Sri Lanka. It looks great.
Also look out for the very handsome, and familiar, dude at 1.34 and 4.19! He looks just like me! :D
The Full HD version is available here

And not only that but Yak Attack is heading for mainstream television, Channel 5, in the UK this Friday (January 9th at 7.00pm) as Part 1 of the new Richard Parks series "Race to the Pole". It covers the 2013 Yak Attack in Nepal (the one where I dislocated my shoulder) and is apparently getting rave reviews from the national media!
Look out for a potential cameo appearance from me! :D (God only knows how that might turn out!)

Richard Parks during The Yak Attack 2013.

Richardʼs first gruelling challenge on the road to his record attempt finds him in the mountains of Nepal to take part in the Yak Attack. Set against one of the most spectacular backdrops on the planet, this is the highest, toughest mountain bike race on earth.
He battles against blistering heat, extreme cold, near-fatal collisions, sheer drops and extreme altitude on a course that winds 400 kilometres across the Himalayas. The eight stages climb from 300m above sea level all the way up to the snow-covered Thorong La pass at 5,416 metres.

It will also be available to view on Demand5 here

For more information on The Yak Attack and their amazing "World Series" of  extreme mountainbike races have a look at their website HERE

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sri Lanka - Pre-race: Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

Yak Attack - Rumble In The Jungle 2014

The weekend prior to registration was spent catching up with old Yak Attack friends around Negombo Beach, Phil & Kate, Steve Edwards, Zoltan Keller, Eric Coomer, Sonya Looney, but our little group continued to grow and we added new ones each day too; Hannah Barnes, Myriam Saugy, Kerstin Kogler, and others, all showed up at meal times in Mr Crab, our favourite little restaurant. We had a new little "Rumble" family growing by the day. It is my experience that extreme events seem to attract a particular type of person; normally laid-back, un-flustered, kind of people that just seem to slot in well. Perhaps it's the adventurous spirit that makes people easy-going and easy to get on with?

Registration was held on Monday 17th November at The (very nice) Catamaran Beach Hotel in Negombo; Phil & Kate were ensconced in a little air-conditioned office for the day as racers came and went. Andre Deplechin and I rolled up together and I got lucky Number Seven; surely a good omen :)

Lucky Seven!