Images from The Torq Yak Attack 2012

 The 2012 Torq Yak Attack

A selection of my images from The Torq Yak Attack 2012. I had intended to take a lot more unfortunately my camera jammed on the first day and I had to rely on images taken on my iPhone for the rest of the race. The phone was fine for good daylight images but not so good other than that, therefore the quality isn't as good as I would have liked and it meant that I didn't take as many as I would have liked to either. Such is life. Some of the images are courtesy of the other riders or media. Thanks to NepalSutra, Jeremy & Carena Dean, and Sonya Looney! Please enjoy! :)

Yak Attack organisers Phil Evans (left) and Chhimi Gurung (centre).

Competitors gathered on the lawn at The Kathmandu Guest House for the pre-race briefing

Phil Evans from Extreme World Challenges briefing the riders.

Collecting my race number. Lucky 13 as it turned, because I finished the race unassisted. My goal.

Lucky 13

All smiles, ready for the group ride to the start line on Day 1.

The courtyard at Dawn till Dusk, Kathmandu Guest House.

Me, C3P0, and Cefin Evans.

Paul Topham from East Yorkshire.

Paul Topham and Craig McGee.

Getting the medical briefing from Gandhi and Keith.

Ready to roll; group ride to the official start line for 2012.

Rolling through Kathmandu

(L to R) Doug Brain, Keith Green, Phil Evans, and Paul Bolla.

The steep climb up to the start line.

Neil at the National Park entrance waiting for the start.

Chhimi and Phil chatting before the race.

Craig and Paul again.

Unfurling the banner, it was used at the start for every day of the race.

The official starting point for The 2012 Yak Attack.

Counting down to the start of The Yak Attack 2012.

Day 1 on route from Kathmandu to Nawakot.

This is real community spirit!

End of day 1 at The Famous Farm Hotel, Nawakot. Beautiful place.

Staff at The Famous Farm

Riders gathering at the start line on Day 2 - Nawakot to Dhading Besi.

Half of the Welsh contingent, Gareth Jones.

The start of a very long downhill section, we had a few of these during the first 5 stages.

Suspension bridges are a constant feature in Nepal.

Stuffing my face with a much needed snack.

The white arrow on the ground points the way!

The river in Dhading Besi.

Sonya says I've got a nose for finding bakeries; looks like she's right!

The start line on Day 3, it's about the only chance to get a group photo. Dhading Besi to Ghorka.

Huffing and puffing as usual!

Statue beneath a Banyan tree in Ghorka.

Day 4 Ghorka to Besi Sahar

Per Roslund (Sweden).

Per again.

Storm brewing in Besi Sahar!

Some bloke dissecting the family meal in Besi Sahar.

Your standard view on the trails at the lower altitudes. Besi Sahar to Taal Day 5.

Rataman Gurung manning the water station. He's got some funky moves on the dancefloor too!

There's a lot of waterfalls in Nepal.

Hotel Mona Lisa at Taal. The weather and landscape were beginning to change.

Please bring us food now!

This young lad took me for a walk around the village!

The start line on Day 6. Taal to Chame. The altitude started to come in to play about now.

Hike-a-bike was a regular feature from Day 5 onwards. I actually enjoyed them!

Our Hotel at Chame, it was starting to get very cold at this point.

The big peaks were starting to dominate the landscape everywhere.

A cold river in a cold valley.

The riders receiving blessings before leaving Chame for Manang on Day 7.

Trails conditions varied constantly. Pushing up through the mud.

This is why you ride The Yak Attack! Amazing landscape.

On the acclimatisation hike at Manang.

Acclimatising on the much needed rest day in Manang.

Manang from way up above!


Snow Monkey and Sonya fluffing the endangered species hat!

A playful Sonya posing in Snow Monkey's fine Red Fox hat!

Carena Dean being interviewed by the media.

(L to R) Craig McGee, Paul Topham, Gareth Jones (standing) and Doug Brain.

Manang to Thorong Phedi - Day 8.

Smiling on my way up to Thorong Phedi. Tough day!

The end of Day 8 looking back from Thorong Phedi. Amazing landscape.

Jeff Kerkove (USA) on the push/carry to Thorong Phedi.

Henry Lesewitz (Germany) also on the push/carry to Thorong Phedi.

Amazing views from 4500m at Thorong Phedi. (above & below).

Some of the riders relaxing after the dreaded 'pass day' - Thorong Phedi to Kagbeni - Day 9. Everyone made it over. (above & below).

Obviously there are no copyright issues to worry about in Nepal!

Apparently YakDonalds was pretty good!

Bikes being unloaded at Kagbeni.

Wasted and waiting for dinner again.

Meal times were a bit ambiguous most days, but the food was great.

Kagbeni to Tatopani on Day 10.

Crossing one of the many bridges; behind Carena Dean.

Day 10 and as this view appeared at Lete so did the long awaited 25km downhill!

Tatopani and the final finish line. Mixed emotions of joy & relief.

The irrepressible Dr Keith Green :)

The man who can; president of The Nepal Cycling Association, Chhimi Gurung.

Mizuho Fujihara feeling exactly as I did.

Paul Bolla, Paul Topham, and Peter Butt. Cheers!

It's all over, yeah man! (Neil Cottam. UK)

Jens Rowold (Denmark) still bearing the dust from the days sandstorms on his forehead.

This bad mo-fo popped out of nowhere and sidled down the window!

Enjoying the traditional dancing in Tatopani.

Peter Butt and Paul Bolla (both Australian) getting ready for the final group ride to Beni

Tyler McMahon (USA), an ex-pat living in Kathmandu and a strong racer.

The other half of Team Wales; Cefin Evans.

A very smiley Sonya Looney (USA).

Henry photographing Peter Butt's splendid new socks!

Hanging out and eating bananas on the way to Beni.

The actual Mr Yak Attack, Phil Evans (UK).

The lovely Carena Dean (Canada).

Snapped cable; even on the final group ride The Yak Attack still has bite!

Sonya Looney getting an impromptu bike wash, these were a regular feature during the race stages.

Paul's turn with Aayman Tamang manning the hose.

The remarkable Paul Bolla with Aayman Tamang.

The bikes were loaded on top of the buses.

Hanging out and waiting for the bus to transport us to Pokhara and some relative luxury.

The beautiful lake at Pokhara.

Delicious Chocolate Milkshakes courtesy of local knowledge; cheers Paul Bolla!

Phil and Chhimi just before the presentations began.

Sonya Looney collecting the women's trophy.

Ajay Pandit Chetri with his winners trophy for the 3rd consecutive year!. Awesome rider.

Glad it's all over!!! Riders at the presentation evening in Pokhara.

The latest fashion it seems! I'm on the right.

Riders enjoying the sunshine at Pokhara Airport whilst awaiting the flight to Kathmandu.

(L to R) Neil Cottam, Gareth Jones, Jeff Kerkove, Carena Dean, Cefin Evans, Sonya Looney, Paul Topham, Jeremy Dean, Per Roslund.

Our plane being prepared for boarding at Pokhara.

Riders boarding the flight to Kathmandu

My trophies from Nepal; The Yak Attack medal, t-shirt & race number; and my prized Everest Base Camp hat!

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