Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chase The Rainbow. Almost ready to launch!

Hi' I'm Neil Cottam and this is going to be a blog for my team mates and I to tell you all about Chase The Rainbow and the events we are and challenges we are undertaking in aid of worthwhile causes.

The page is a bit basic at the moment but we are working to get it something like ready for Friday 1st July.

Thanks to Webmaster Matt Haynes for his ongoing help with all the web stuff, I can't do it! :D
We will be adding links to Rainbows and Whizz-kidz plus a link for sponsorship and donations too. Please dig deep for such great causes.

I will launch with full details of our Quest and hopefully be able to confirm all the team members.
Currently I'm entered into the Yak-Attack High Altitude Mountain Bike Race from March 2nd 2012 to march 16th 2012, and I'm being joined on the Everest Base Camp Trek by Dave Slater and hopefully a couple of others (we really need 3 people for the trek) from a projected start date of 5th or 6th February 2012 for approximately 3 weeks! Hardcore winter conditions with a bit of luck! :D Hahaha.
My training program should start in earnest on July 1st but it might limp along for a bit because I'm currently limping along from a Mountain Bike accident at Cannock Chase a few weeks ago!

For anyone that's interested it's the Cliffhanger Festival in Sheffield this weekend (July 2nd/3rd)  Check it out loads of cool outdoors stuff going down including a few of my favourites; Mountain biking, Climbing, Slacklining, Fishing, Camping, etc.

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