Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sponsor announcement: OceanRidge

Chris Port and Euan Moir from OceanRidge have been in touch and have generously offered to help us out.
I met Euan at the Cliffhanger Festival in Sheffield a few weeks ago and spent a bit of time chatting to him about what they were doing as a company and about what we are going to do in The Himalaya. Amazingly Euan remembered our chat (from what must have been loads he had that weekend!) and Chris emailed me via Facebook a few days ago and made the offer of assistance. He has also very kindly offered me a section in their blogging pages too, so you will be able to read more of my nonsense on there soon! How lovely for you! :D I've also got to start video blogging some stuff for their YouTube channel too.
These guys are developing some really cool stuff and the OceanRidge brand will be a household name in the marketplace before very long. Feel free to check out their pages and view the kind of stuff that they are up to here:

Euan manning the OceanRidge stand at The Cliffhanger.

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