Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Announcement: Laxmi is going to Sri Lanka.

We are very proud to be supporting, in partnership with The Yak Attack, Nepal National Champion Laxmi Magar's late entry in to this years "Rumble in the Jungle" mountainbike race in Sri Lanka.
Laxmi is a great friend to all of us and she is a truly inspiring role model to women in Nepal.
Laxmi was hoping to spend some time racing in The USA but for some inexplicable reason she has again been denied an entry visa despite a concerted effort by many supporters, in particular the wonderful ladies at the Soul Sister Cycling group.
Once we heard the news it was a simple decision - Let's get Laxmi out to Sri Lanka.

Laxmi racing at the 2016 "Rumble"
You can see more from Laxmi on her social media pages, please give her your support:

You will be able to follow her progress every day during the race from June 13th to 16th here:

You can also follow Chase The Rainbow here:

Thank you for looking, see you soon.
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