Saturday, July 8, 2017

Helping Paws

Helping Paws is a new charitable venture that all of us at Chase The Rainbow look forward to fully supporting into the future.
I will be adding a direct link to the website as soon as it available. It is the brainchild of Yak attack supremo Phil Evans, and Corinne Smith. Here's what they have to say about it on their Facebook page:

"During visits to Sri Lanka and Nepal, we have been moved by the plight of countless animals that are left to cope alone, and have been humbled by the endless work of the animal charities that we have been fortunate enough to have had contact with.
This has inspired us to also try and make a difference and hopefully play a small part in alleviating the suffering for many animals left without loving homes or care in times of need.
Through community and education programs, our aim is to bring about a progressive change in the way animals are perceived so that more people will consider helping and homing many of the strays. We also aim to instigate vaccination, neuter and care programs to ensure healthy animal communities and provide a community shelter with a trained local where animals can visit for food, or be taken for treatment.
Obviously, even with small and humble beginnings, we can't bring about these changes alone, and so in the near future will be calling on all our families, friends, associates, and associates of associates to help us in whatever way they can. In addition to fund raising, we will be looking for advice on education programs, volunteer vets, teachers, etc etc, so please keep us in mind and keep looking out for Helping Paws updates.
Thank you
Corinne Smith and Phil Evans."

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