Tuesday, June 18, 2019

New Partner Announcement - Aqua Extreme (Kayaks/Packrafts/SUP's)

I'm thrilled to announce that I have been accepted into the Aqua-Xtreme Brand Ambassador Program.
It's pretty amazing, and cool, that I got in, considering they had over 900 applicants.
I will be using one of their packrafts for some of my travel plans over the nexth 12 months or so; so watch this space.

I liked their pitch and it encouraged me to apply:
"Aqua Xtreme 2019 Ambassador Program is seeking committed top athletes ,adventurers and paddlers.
If you're passionate about watersports, exploring, and an adventurous storyteller with a social media following or a rebel who questions everything, we want to work with you."

I must have fitted in to the "rebel" section.
I like their ethos; I'm looking forward to the journey and becoming a member of the Aqua Xtreme family.

"Aqua Xtreme was established in 2009 and has grown over the years to become a manufacturer of folding, composite, inflatable kayaks, Packrafts, & SUP's.

Our range of innovative products are clearly different from the competition .

Aqua Xtreme has their own inhouse design, engineering and  production team to create the next generation of water sports products.
Aqua Xtreme focuses on creating great designed products at affordable prices.
Our team at Aqua Xtreme are proud that all products are manufactured by Aqua Xtreme and not outsourced to China unlike many brands in the market today.
We are also have capabilities to OEM other brands in the market should customers require.

It is our belief that the initial introduction to kayaking or sup's should be a pleasurable experience, and with that thought in mind we strive to ensure our products are comfortable, safe, and feature-rich, providing paddlers with the best experience on the water possible. We are kayakers and paddlers taking great pride in manufacturing our incredible line-up of  kayaks and sup boards"

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog and interacts on the social media channels; without you things like this would be impossible.

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Thank you for looking, see you soon.
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