Saturday, July 9, 2011

Turned out nice in the end! :)

A lovely day for it I'd say, whatever it is you're doing.
Me? Finished my last night shift at 06.00am, stayed in bed way longer than I meant too and dragged my fuzzy head into the world at the crack of 12.30pm. Spent a pleasant hour at my parents showing my mum how to do simple tasks on the internet for the umpteenth time this week/month/year/lifetime and then called in at Planet Carp in Nottingham and whiled away an hour or two talking nonsense, fishing and holidays. As it happened an old friend of mine, Jim Russell, was in there too; which made it all the more enjoyable.
Called in at my mate Mad Dave Martin's house (he really is mad as a rattlesnake) on the way home and chewed the cud in the 'Man Shed' there for a while before leaving with a great big bundle of home grown salad for me tea :) Cheers Dave.

As for my exercise regime? Nothing for a couple of days, you naughty boy, due to some muscle soreness after my last run (and a couple of 12 hour night-shifts).
Tonight however I almost excelled myself. Set off for a run down the lanes around Kilburn and Horsley but pulled up a couple of times because of some tightness in my left thigh, and massaged the muscle. I reckon I must over-compensating a little for the injury. I also nearly ran into a lamp-post whilst admiring a vision of blonde loveliness in the beer garden at the Coach & Horses.
I got my first shout today from and old school friend, Craig Weston, who was filling up his car as I passed the petrol station at Lower Kilburn. And then to top it all off with the proverbial cherry I was almost overcome with joy as the heavenly scent of cow manure drifted wantonly on the Summer breeze, as I hot-footed it up the Pit Fields and back to home. 7k give or take.
Plenty of stretching and a delicious 'For Goodness Shakes' Banana Recovery Drink and here we are. They are delicious too, I don't know how I never discovered them before; I bought 5 Banana and 5 Superberry flavoured ones from the Rat Race stand at Cliffhanger last weekend because they were on special offer. Man what a result that was, £1.00 each no less and worth every penny. If you are out there training give them a try you'll be impressed. I'll definitely be buying me some more of those!

If I can I'll drag myself to the pool tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 09.00am ("On a Sunday"? I hear you roar!), then do as many lengths as I can muster before packing my tent and heading off into the Peak District NP for a couple of days R&R with friends. Mountain Board? Check. Mountain Bike? Check, Rock Boots? Check. You'll do for me then.

Wilco got in touch to say he has an interview with a sporting website in Holland on Monday, which he hopes will get us a lot of publicity. Sounds good to me.
He also tells me that he is exercising at a rave in Holland tonight, with lots of beautiful girls. I must have heard him wrong.

Dave has been to the pool again and knocked out a nifty 40 lengths before doing his resistance, water-walking, exercises. That's about 10 more lengths than i can usually manage before being sick! :D Pretty impressive for a dude who takes pride in doing no exercise whatsoever, unless online gaming or fishing count?. Well done mate. I feel your pain.

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