Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Namaste! Kathmandu.


Namaste; Hi from Kathmandu!
We arrived yesterday, safe and sound, at the Kathmandu Guesthouse in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal :)
Although we did suffer a few mishaps along the way, including a worrying problem with the flight bookings, along with Dave and Wilco getting lost in the airport at Dubai! They went through the wrong exit, passed through immigration, and ended up going in to the city to view the Burj Khalifa instead of hanging out in the transit lounge for eight hours with me. I’d call that a lucky mishap!
We spent our first day exploring cool Kathmandu on foot in glorious sunshine and managed to purchase our trekking permits and bus tickets along the way. It is so nice to back in the melee of Asia once again.
We ate great local food; the Chilli Chicken Mo Mo is particularly fine and the local beer is very nice too!
We have a very early start for the bus tomorrow; Dave didn’t realise that you could actually get out of bed at 04.45am! We have a long day on the bus; the guy at the ticket office says it is six hours so that usually means at least ten! :D
We are looking forward to getting to Jiri now and getting started on the trek.
See you soon

A few images of Kathmandu

Stupa in Kathmandu

Some of the local art is amazing

Wilco collecting his trekking permit

Dave and Wilco in the local market


  1. Looking good guys...keep it going..hope all is well...looking forward to the next blog xx

  2. Got a call from the lads again today!!!
    They are all well and on there way to the base camp ! yippeee,
    contact from now will be very little.

    They have experienced an almighty storm while being there and can not get the internet connection they had hoped for, to up date there page for you all,
    but many pics have been taken ready to upload as soon as poss ;)